jonathan goodwin


G'Day mate and welcome!

A lifetime full of experiences can never be caught in a jar and re-savored later on command. However, pixels of light can preserve some tasty morsels. Here are a few.

Cone. A fast, fit, friendly, and safe systems programming language. Development is underway, but you can already play with it. It is the engine that will power the ...

3D web. Add depth to the world-wide web, so that instead of just surfing pages, we navigate through immersive, hyperlinked scenes rich with compelling, interactive objects.

Adventures in Paradise. A savoury collection of tales inspired by the joyful life that Claire and I share. Additional pictures and videos hint at more fun. So do delectable recipes from around the world.

Society of Mind. This barely-started novel wonders how a deeply fractured earth might respond to an unexpected invitation to join an interstellar federation.